911 Media Report v2
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    Date    Time         Event          Location           Municipality           Details
07/3010:53Automatic Fire AlarmS 6th StWhite TwpIndiana Fd,Companies 1&2 dispatched
07/3005:56MiscellaneousWestmoreland CoOther CountySaltsburg VFD dispatched by W9-1-1
07/2918:51Vehicle AccidentRoute 403 Hwy NCherryhill TwpClymer FD, Citizens Ambulance and Indiana PSP dispatched.
07/2914:48Report Current Report Current 
07/2912:31Physical RescueOak StIndiana BoroIndiana FD, Indiana Boro Police dispatched
07/2908:04Gas LeakPratt DrWhite TwpIndiana FD dispatched
07/2903:06Vehicle AccidentDavis RdRayne TwpCreekside Fd, IPSP, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
07/2817:59Fire Standby1st StCenter TwpCoral/Graceton FD dispatched to standby for Black Lick FD.
07/2817:55Vehicle AccidentOld Indiana RdBurrell TwpBlack Lick FD, Coral/Graceton FD, Citizens Ambulance and Indiana PSP dispatched.
07/2817:37Vehicle AccidentRoute 119 Hwy SBurrell TwpBlack Lick FD, Citizens Ambulance and Indiana PSP dispatched.
07/2814:43Vehicle FireRoute 22 Hway WBurrell TwpBlack Lick and Blairsville Fd's dispatched
07/2814:41Vehicle AccidentWater StIndiana BoroIndiana Boro Police, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
07/2814:05Fire StandbyRoute 403 HwyPine TwpPine Twp Fd in their station for Cherryhill Fd
07/2814:00Fire StandbyIndiana RdPlumville BoroRural Valley Fd into Plumville Fd
07/2813:32Fire StandbySherman StClymer BoroCherryhill Fd dispatched into Clymer Fd for Clymer and Marion Center Fds
07/2813:12Structure FireE Brown StBlairsville BoroBlairsville. Black Lick, Coral Graceton, HOmer City Fds, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
07/2813:11Structure FireMahoning RdSouth Mahoning TwpJefferson County Perry Twp, Marion Center, Plumville,CLymer fd's Citizens ambulance dispatched.
07/2812:15Hazmat Team ResponseHospital RdWhite TwpIndiana Fd, Indiana County Hazmat Team 900 dispatched
07/2806:49Automatic Fire AlarmPhiladelphia StWhite TwpIndiana FD Companies 3 & 4 dispatched
07/2806:39Report Current Report Current 
07/2804:52MiscellaneousRoute 403 NorthRayne TwpClymer FD dispatched to tree and wires down
07/2723:35MiscellaneousN Main StHomer City BoroHomer City FD dispatched
07/2721:51Fire StandbyIselinYoung TwpIselin VFD on stand by for Tunnelton VFD
07/2721:50MiscellaneousWestmoreland CoOther CountyTunnelton VFD dispatched by Westmoreland Co
07/2718:28Vehicle AccidentRoute 22 hwyBurrell TwpBlairsville and Blacklick VFDs, IPSP, Citizens ambulance dispatched
07/2714:31Vehicle AccidentSaltsburg RdSaltsburg BoroSaltsburg FD, IPSP, Lifestat Ambulance dispatched
07/2714:10Structure FireBowser LaneOther CountyCherrytree and Glen Campbell Fd's dispatched
07/2713:01Vehicle AccidentRoute 56 HwyBrush Valley TwpBrush Valley Fd, IPSP, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
07/2710:50Physical RescueMain StPlumville BoroPlumville Fd dispatched to a child locked in a vehicle
07/2706:33Report Current Report Current 
07/2706:30MiscellaneousRose StWhite TwpIndiana FD Company 2 dispatched to transformer and pole on fire
07/2612:07Fire StandbyCherry StCherry Tree BoroMahaffey Fd into Cherrytree Fd
07/2611:53Structure FireRoute 286 Hwy EMontgomery TwpClymer, Glen Campbell, Cherrytree,Commodore Fd's, Rig Team 900, Citizens Ambulance Dispatched
07/2611:35Automatic Fire AlarmLutz School RdWhite TwpIndiana Fd, company #1 dispatched
07/2609:28Landing ZoneOld Indiana RdBurrell TwpBlack Lick Fd dispatched for a medical call
07/2606:40Report Current Report Current 
07/2605:23Vehicle AccidentRoute 22 EastBurrell TwpBlacklick and Blairsville FDs, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
07/2521:58Landing ZoneSally LaneConemaugh TwpSaltsburg and Bell twp VFDs dispatched to assist Stat Med Evac and Life Stat ambulance
07/2521:17MiscellaneousCoal Run RoadYoung TwpCoal Run and Iselin VFDs dispatched for a tire fire
07/2520:06Automatic Fire AlarmClairvaux DrWhite TwpIndiana VFD dispatched