911 Media Report v2
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    Date    Time         Event          Location           Municipality           Details
05/0608:25MiscellaneousDerry TwpOther CountyTunnelton Fd dispatched for ambulance assist
05/0606:43Report Current Report Current 
05/0605:08Vehicle AccidentRoute 981Other CountySaltsburg FD dispatched by Westmoreland County
05/0605:06Addition to Previous IncidentGermany Luthern Cemetary RdWest Wheatfield TwpArmagh FD handled helicopter landing zone
05/0601:18Vehicle AccidentGermany Luthern Cemetary RdWest Wheatfield TwpClyde and Armagh FDs, Citizens Ambulance State Police dispatched
05/0517:35Automatic Fire AlarmWarren RdWhite TwpIndiana FD Companies 1 and 2 dispatched.
05/0516:56Report Current Report Current 
05/0506:41Report Current Report Current 
05/0418:55Addition to Previous IncidentOakland AveIndiana Borofound to be a controlled burn
05/0418:55Structure FireOakland AveIndiana BoroIndiana VFD, IBPD, Citizens ambulance, RIT dispatched to a possible structure fire
05/0415:55Brush FireHill DrBurrell TwpBlairsville and Blacklick VFDs dispatched
05/0414:21Vehicle AccidentPatchin HwyOther CountyCherrytree Fd dispatched
05/0406:41Report Current Report Current 
05/0319:37Landing ZoneRoute 553 hwyCherryhill TwpCherryhill twp VFD dispatched to assist Stat Med Evac with a landing zone. Citizens ambulance also on scene
05/0315:46Structure FireBrown RoadCenter TwpIndiana, Homer City, Cherryhill twp VFDs, Citizens ambulance dispatched
05/0219:27Landing ZoneRoute 156 HwyShelocta BoroElderton Fd handling
05/0219:10Vehicle AccidentWood RdArmstrong TwpElderton Fd, IPSP, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
05/0217:38Vehicle AccidentOakland AveWhite TwpCitizens Ambulance dispatched ,
05/0217:25Traffic ControlOakland AveWhite TwpIndiana and Homer City Fd, IPSP dispatched, MVA without injuries
05/0215:40Fire StandbyIndian Springs RdWhite TwpHomer City Fd into Indiana Fd for ladies night
05/0213:37Fire StandbyIndiana StPlumville BoroRural Valley into Plumville
05/0213:21Gas LeakHill RdBlacklick TwpBlack Lick Fd dispatched
05/0211:31Fire StandbySherman StClymer BoroClymer in station standby for Marion Center Fd
05/0211:31Addition to Previous IncidentMahoning RdSouth Mahoning TwpDayton Fd dispatched to assist
05/0211:15Structure FireMahoning RdSouth Mahoning TwpMarion Center, Plumville, RuraLValley Fd's, Rig team, Citizens Ambulance dispatched
05/0206:39Report Current Report Current 
05/0119:03Traffic ControlRoute 56 Hwy E East Wheatfield TwpArmagh/East Wheatfield Twp FD dispatched to shut down traffic at the county line.
05/0116:03Automatic Fire AlarmWestmoreland CoOther CountySaltsburg FD dispatched.
05/0114:54Report Current Report Current 
05/0114:28Landing ZonePower Plant RdCenter TwpCoral-Graceton FD dispatched for a landing zone for a trauma patient.
05/0111:33Automatic Fire AlarmKendall DrBurrell TwpBlairsville and Black Lick FDs dispatched.
05/0111:25Landing ZoneW Creek RdEast Mahoning TwpMarion Center FD dispatched for landing zone for a trauma patient.
05/0106:46Report Current Report Current 
04/3020:46Automatic Fire AlarmRoute 156Other CountyIndiana FD Companies 3 & 4 requested by Armstrong County
04/3019:21Brush FireRoute 403 NorthPine TwpPine Twp FD dispatched
04/3016:27Fuel SpillIndiana RdCreekside BoroCreekside FD dispatched.
04/3015:57Gas LeakPhiladelphia StIndiana BoroIndiana FD dispatched.
04/3015:11Automatic Fire AlarmS 8th StIndiana BoroIndiana FD Companies 1 and 2 dispatched.
04/3011:02MiscellaneousMetz RdWhite TwpIndiana FD Company 4 dispatched for utility lines on fire.
04/2922:03Vehicle AccidentWarren RoadWhite TwpIndiana VFD, IPSP, Citizens ambulance dispatched